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C&D Zodiac, Bombardier

41221001 Series, FA Seat Covers

41221001 Series, FA Seat Covers

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Description: Seat Covers, FA Seating, 4122 Series 

Materials: Manufactured from high quality leather

Cover, Seat Headrest  P/N16443-35-()()()-GEN

Cover, Seat Closeout P/N: 19928-50()-()()()

Cover, Seat Backrest P/N: 19938-6()()-()()()-GEN

Cover, Seat Bottom P/N: 16442-60()-()()()-GEN

Aircraft Eligibility: CRJ 200, CRJ 705, CRJ 900


Certification: TCCA STC/EASA approved

Complies with:   CFR 14 25.853(a), TSO C127a

Qty: Set of 4 parts

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