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2nd Row Split Bench - High back

2nd Row Split Bench - High back

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Assembly Materials: Covers in high quality aviation leather, cushioning in Genlite high comfort foam, and seat diaphragms in durable, lightweight polyester fabric.

Features: The seat diaphragms are to be stretched over the existing frames with a contact adhesive, seat cushions get glued to the diaphragm/frame assembly, and finally the leather covers are fitted to the cushions. Covers have been designed so minimal fitting and manipulation is required for a perfect fit. (Excludes supply of seat frames and contact adhesive).  Headrest can be purchased seperately - choose between original Cessna design or Generation Global design. NOTE: There are many variations of the seat frames and before we manufacture your covers, this will need to be verified by supplying photos of your current seating configuration.

Part Number: EPA-07140()()-()()-GEN

Aircraft Eligibility: Cessna 185

Complies with:   CFR 14 23.853(a) 

Qty: 1 Bench Seat - Backrest and Bottom covers, cushions, and diaphragms.

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