Piper Headrest Upholstery, Classic

Piper Headrest Upholstery, Classic

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Description:  Piper PA 34 Seat Headrest Upholstery - choose your colour to complement or contrast your interior. The decorative stitching will be matched to the chosen leather colour unless specified in the comments tab below. If a seating kit is getting purchased as well, we would recommend the stitching colour be the same as the stitching colour on the seats.

Assembly Materials: Cover in high quality aviation leather with Genlite PU foam infill.

Features: Headrest cover comes fitted to the foam infill, frame is not supplied.

Assy Part Number: EPA-89028-100-GEN

Aircraft Eligibility: Piper PA 34 Series

Installation Required: Yes - fitted cover/cushion assemblys will need to be slipped over the existing headrest frames.

Complies with:   CFR 14 23.853(a) 

Qty: Per cover/foam assembly

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